Conveyancing & Property

Whether you are buying or selling property or a business, our excellent Conveyancing & Property Law Team will carefully guide you through all stages of property transactions within New South Wales. Antonenas Legal can assist in all matters relating to buying or selling, mortgaging, financing and leasing or licensing on both residential and commercial properties.

Family Law

Here at Antonenas Legal, we understand the sensitive nature of Family Law matters. Our Family Lawyers focus on delivering Family Law solutions in a commercially minded, practical and compassionate manner as possible whilst minimising stress to our clients. We will assist you in all matters relating to divorce and separation, financial arrangements, parent and child welfare arrangements, domestic violence and Married or De-Facto relationship rights and agreements.



Wills & Estates

Whether you need help with drafting a will, developing an estate plan, making a testamentary trust, appointing a power of attorney, making an enduring guardian document, contesting a will or dealing with a deceased estate, Antonenas Legal can help. Our comprehensive, collaborative solutions help protect your valuable assets, no matter how complex your situation. With our expert guidance, you can always be certain that the fruits of your life’s labour are handled in exactly the way you want.

Criminal & Traffic Law

Our criminal and traffic lawyers have exceptional knowledge and skills in all Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court matters, including all trials, hearings, appeals and bail applications. We act on all matters relating to drink or drug driving offences, assaults, apprehended violence orders, property offences, traffic charges and licence appeals, drug matters and sexual assaults.

Litigation & Disputes

Antonenas Legal understands that there is no single right way to deal with a dispute in any given case, and our Litigation & Disputes  team tailors their advice to each individual client’s circumstances. Our Litigation & Disputes team are both experienced litigators, and pragmatic conciliators.  We handle claims for and against individuals, businesses large and small, liquidators, debtors, creditors, trustees, and government departments.

Contract Law & Advice

Antonenas Legal have the skills, experience and expertise to ensure that you and your contract matter is consulted upon with the utmost professionalism. We can assist you with the consultation, negotiation, drafting and execution of a contract that adequately reflects the personal and commercial intentions of the parties entering into the agreement.